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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

The Most Common Question Asked by Patients is “What do Hemorrhoids Look Like?”

Although most people detect hemorrhoids by a feeling of

What Internal and External Hemorrhoids Look Like

External hemorrhoids can be described as any of the following:

  • Soft lumps that appear in bunches around the anus.
  • A hard, red lump protruding from the outside of the anal area.
  • Mucus-covered bumps.
  • Bumps that secrete blood when wiped with toilet paper.

If you notice external hemorrhoids, you probably have internal hemorrhoids as well (you just may not see or feel them in the same way). Internal hemorrhoids fall into one of four categories based on the severity and the degree of prolapse (tissue coming out from inside the anus).

The Most Common Visual Symptom of Hemorrhoids is Piles

The reason these bumps, or “piles,” form in the first place is because the veins in or around the anal canal have become swollen. The more swollen the hemorrhoids become, and the longer they are left untreated, the worse they can get. They might start out as bunches of soft lumps and eventually turn into hard, painful piles. Below are images of a number of external hemorrhoid cases, ranging from minor to serious:

Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

If you think you have hemorrhoids – whether due to pain or an itchy sensation – contact one of our CRH partner doctors today. With one quick visit, the doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you have hemorrhoids and prescribe a course of treatment. Contact a physician near you today.