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Talking To Your Doctor

How to talk to your doctor about hemorrhoids

Believe it or not, your doctor may be even less comfortable talking about hemorrhoids than you are. This handy guide can help you get the conversation started so you can begin taking control of your hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment. There are many factors to consider when choosing a treatment option for your hemorrhoids and it’s always good to talk them through with your provider.

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1. First, let’s tell your physician about your history with hemorrhoids and any previous treatments you may have tried.

A. How long have you suffered from hemorrhoids?


B. What symptoms have you experienced?


C. What treatments, if any, have you tried?


D. How severe are your symptoms?


2. Now let’s ask your doctor about your hemorrhoids

  • A. What are hemorrhoids?
  • B. What causes hemorrhoids?
  • C. What grade of hemorrhoids do I have?
  • D Are my hemorrhoids internal or external?
  • E. Do hemorrhoids increase the risk of colorectal cancer?


3. What are your hemorrhoid treatment options?

  • A. Can I treat hemorrhoids with over the counter creams and wipes?
  • B. Are there any natural or home remedies that work long-term?
  • C. What are the non-surgical treatment options and when are they appropriate?
  • D. What are the surgical treatment options and when are they required?
  • E. What type of preparation/recovery should I expect?
  • F. Can I be treated if I’m pregnant?
  • G. How much do the different treatments cost?
  • H. Are any of these treatments covered by Medicare or my health insurance?
  • I. How might hemorrhoid treatment interact with my other medications or health issues?
  • J. Do I need to make lifestyle changes if I have hemorrhoids?
  • K. What do I need to do to prevent future hemorrhoids?

4. Where can I find a provider that specializes in hemorrhoid treatment?

There are more than 3,000 physicians in the U.S. who have received advanced training in
hemorrhoid treatment methods. To find a clinic utilizing the CRH O’Regan System near you
simply scan the code below with your smart phone:

Talking To Your Doctor

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5. Where can my physician find more information on treating

If you are a physician looking to implement non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment into your
practice simply scan the code below with your smart phone or call:

Talking To Your Doctor 

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