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Is There an Effective Hemorrhoid Diet for Prevention?

Your Diet Can Help Prevent Hemorrhoids

Preventing hemorrhoids begins with a healthy diet that’s high in fiber. High-fiber foods have easier transit through the digestive system, which leads to easier, more regular bowel movements. In addition, consuming fiber also helps to prevent constipation – which is a major cause of hemorrhoids.

If you are looking for a hemorrhoid diet for prevention, try increasing your intake of high-fiber foods such as fruits, beans, whole grains, and vegetables (especially leafy greens and broccoli). If your current diet is not very high in fiber, avoid a sudden dramatic increase in fiber-rich foods. Suddenly bulking up on fiber can cause diarrhea – which can also cause hemorrhoids. Instead, begin taking a fiber supplement or add one to two high-fiber foods into your daily diet.

Fiber and Lots of Clean Drinking Water to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Drinking enough water is also an essential part of any hemorrhoid diet for prevention. Drink at least eight full glasses of water a day and avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Drinks that contain caffeine – like coffee, soda, and tea – actually contribute to dehydration, increasing your chances of constipation.

There are also certain foods that should be avoided when trying to prevent hemorrhoids. Whether it’s spicy foods, dairy products, or chocolate, it’s important to stay away from anything you know aggravates your digestive system or upsets your stomach.

Your Diet will Not Always Prevent Hemorrhoids

For more information about hemorrhoid prevention diets, contact a physician in your area today. If you are currently suffering from hemorrhoids, talk to your doctor about the revolutionary CRH O’Regan hemorrhoid treatment and put an end to your discomfort once and for all.