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Is A Diet Rich In Fiber A Good Hemorrhoid Home Remedy?

Increasing your fiber intake may not get rid of your hemorrhoids, but it can certainly decrease your uncomfortable hemorrhoid symptoms. While fiber’s top benefit is actually preventing them from occurring in the first place, if you’re already suffering from inflamed hemorrhoids, it’s still a good idea to introduce more fiber-rich foods into your diet to help ease the pain and discomfort associated with the condition.

The Benefits of Fiber

Fiber prevents hemorrhoids in that it promotes healthy, regular bowel movements and relieves constipation. When we experience constipation, we are more likely to push and strain the area around the anus – which can lead to hemorrhoids. Since our bodies can’t break it down as easily as other nutrients, fiber increases the density and softness of our stools. This makes it easier for the matter to be pushed through the digestive tract. Therefore, enough fiber in your system will lead to easier bowel movements and less hemorrhoid pain.

Fiber-rich Foods

Insoluble fiber is found in a variety of fruits and legumes, so if you’re looking for a natural hemorrhoid home remedy, try eating more vegetables, whole grains, and wheat bran. Basically, any plant-based food has fiber – so eating a variety of these types of food can provide a healthy home remedy for hemorrhoids.

How Much Fiber Do You Need?

Doctors recommend a minimum of 38 grams of fiber a day for men and around 28 grams for women. Of course, if you’re using fiber as a hemorrhoid home remedy, try increasing your daily fiber intake by 5-10 grams.

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