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Hemorrhoids Doctors

Since more than half of the population will, at some time, suffer from hemorrhoids, there is a great need for specialists in this area. These “hemorrhoids doctors” specialize in specific treatments for this condition. Patients with this condition generally find that visiting doctors specializing in the care of hemorrhoids is very beneficial. You’ll have access to all of the latest treatments and techniques, and you can be assured that your medical professional knows all of the latest information that can help alleviate your suffering.

While most hemorrhoids are caused by excess straining or pressure on the anus, there are those that suffer from hemorrhoids on a chronic basis. This can be very uncomfortable and traditional treatment methods, such as over the counter ointments may not bring enough relief. For these patients, it is usually recommended that they undergo a procedure that will actually remove the hemorrhoid. Your hemorrhoid specialist can determine which procedures are best for you.

Most procedures are done on an outpatient basis and include methods like Rubber Band Ligation, which involves placement of a band around some of the tissue causing the hemorrhoidal problems. This will cut off the blood supply to the affected area and the hemorrhoid will eventually shrivel up and fall off. These outpatient procedures make it possible to continue most activities immediately following a procedure. The recovery times are usually quite short as well.

Your hemorrhoids doctor may recommend that you undergo a special colon cancer screening study (colonoscopy), particularly if you have never had one done, or if you are over the age of 50. The American Cancer Society recommends that all adults over this age have a screening done every five to ten years, although in some cases, more frequent screenings may be necessary. A colon cancer screen combines a variety of different diagnostic procedures and is typically quite painless and quick. These screenings can help your doctor spot any underlying health issues that may be causing your condition. In addition, screenings can help increase the odds of discovering any abnormalities while they are still easy to treat.

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