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Foods to Avoid with Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are formed when too much pressure is put on rectal veins – causing them to swell. Hemorrhoid symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme pain during bowel movements. The good news is, in some cases, a simple lifestyle change or two can decrease symptoms and make it possible for you to get on with your day – without the nagging itch or pain. While the only way to get rid of hemorrhoids for good is with a treatment like CRH O’Regan, you can still limit hemorrhoid symptoms by simply watching what you eat.

In many instances, the initial pressure to the rectal area comes from a feeling of constipation and the need to “push.” Therefore, many doctors will treat the constipation in hopes of controlling the symptoms.

Temporarily Soothe Hemorrhoid Symptoms by Avoiding These Symptoms

  • Foods Low in Fiber
    • Since fiber softens your stool and makes it easier to pass, not enough fiber in your diet can make hemorrhoid symptoms worse. Refined grains such as white bread, white rice, and cookies or cakes you buy at the store have been stripped of their bran component and are very low in fiber. Hemorrhoid sufferers may also want to limit consumption of low-fiber foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Instead, choose whole grain foods like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice – and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with the skin. Doctors agree that simply switching to foods with more fiber can have a positive impact on your hemorrhoid symptoms.
  • Alcohol and Caffeine
    • If you’re trying to manage hemorrhoid symptoms, avoid alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your body and dehydration can cause you to strain during bowel movements. Avoid other drinks that dehydrate your body, as well, such as coffee, energy drinks, or any beverage containing caffeine. If you do find yourself having a cup of coffee or a cocktail with dinner, follow it with a big glass of water to stay as hydrated as possible.
  • Spicy Foods
    • Spicy foods, or any other food you know will cause diarrhea or constipation, should be avoided. Even if you are usually able to handle food with a kick, sometimes it pays to stick with more mild foods just in case. A bad case of diarrhea can really set you back and make hemorrhoid symptoms worse.

Permanently Treat Hemorrhoids with the CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Banding System

Being mindful of your diet can really have a positive impact on your hemorrhoid symptoms, but often the only way to get rid of them fully is with a treatment like the CRH O’Regan System. For more information about reducing hemorrhoid symptoms and a complete list of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids, contact your physician.