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About Hemorrhoid Pain & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

So You Are Looking for Hemorrhoid Pain Relief?

Currently, there are numerous hemorrhoid pain relief therapies available that can eliminate hemorrhoid symptoms completely, or make dealing with this condition much more bearable. Hemorrhoids can usually be treated or removed with great success. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, contact your doctor to see which of these hemorrhoid pain relief therapies may be right for you.

Non-invasive Hemorrhoid Treatments

Some of the most common methods utilized to achieve hemorrhoid pain relief are non-invasive and do not require surgery. Hemorrhoids are quite common and can occur for many different reasons. Some causes of hemorrhoids include chronic constipation, straining when on the toilet, or increased pressure in the abdomen. Pregnant women for example, commonly get hemorrhoids due to their enlarged uterus which places  increased pressure on veins in the abdomen ( causing the hemorrhoidal vessels in the anus and rectum to enlarge as well). This can be made worse by the fact that the colon does not work as efficiently during pregnancy, causing constipation and requiring the patient to strain more when moving her bowels.

If topical creams and other conservative measures are not sufficient to rid the patient of his or her hemorrhoid pain, burning, itching, or bleeding, there are several relatively non-invasive measures available to treat these patients. An example of this is rubber band ligation. Banding involves placing a small rubber band around the hemorrhoid, causing the tissue to shrink and actually fall off. This technique can be used in the vast majority of cases and  it is very effective, with a success rate as high as 99 percent, and virtually pain-free.

Treating Severe Cases of Hemorrhoid Pain

In the most severe cases, more invasive treatments such as hemorrhoidectomy surgery may be necessary. Most surgeries will have significant associated pain along with some post-operative disability, so they should be reserved for only the most severe and persistent cases of hemorrhoid pain.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend that you receive a regular colon cancer screening, or colonoscopy. This test is recommended for adults over the age of 50, those that may have a family history of the disease, and younger patients who experience certain symptoms, including rectal bleeding. The colonoscopy process is quite painless and is very effective at detecting colon cancer while it is still in its early stages. Early detection through colonoscopy also helps prevent the development of the disease. Every year, thousands of lives are saved thanks to colon cancer screenings.

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